Female, anti feminist, egalitarian.
I'm against sexism of all kinds but there are plenty of blogs whose sole focus is on women but very few even recognise that sexism does not equal Man against Woman.
This blog focuses on Misandry: The hatred, discimination or distrust of men and boys. Pointing out the representation of men in the media, deliberate misinformation/misrepresentation, the demonisation of men in our society and the imbalance this causes.
Rather than think of ourselves as in competition we should cater to everyone as needed.
If you think I'm being unfair to other women just know that I consider all sides of an argument, normally I prefer to be the fence. But for the purposes of this blog I have taken a side so apologies if this offends you.
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Violated: Little Boy Getting Groped On The Bus By Drunk Older Lady!

You have to click on the play button on the bottom left to view it


That was my reaction when I watched this. This lady sexually assaulted this boy in front of everyone. The end was just horrible. If someone did not say stop she would have had him completely naked.

If this were a male doing this to a young girl there would be serious outrage. Feminists would be marching and television pundits would be going off the rails about it. Apparently this occurred in 2011 but being the news junkie that I am I did not come across this story anywhere, and if this link was not sent to me by someone who wants to stay anonymous I would have never known about it.

Everyone is laughing but look at his face. The child is terrified beyond words. No one is coming to help him. If it were a young female 10 guys would leap to her defense. The guy would get beat to a inch of his life. Everyone, including females, are laughing about it like it’s such a funny joke. They don’t realize they’re witnessing a crime because when it’s a male it’s considered “no big deal.” This is how modern society has trained people to think about the male gender.


Where the heck are all the feminists that claim to want to help rape/abuse victims? 1 note? Really?

That video made me pretty uncomfortable. That is the reason why I do not take public transport of any kind anymore. I would rather walk. People sicken me.

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