Female, anti feminist, egalitarian.
I'm against sexism of all kinds but there are plenty of blogs whose sole focus is on women but very few even recognise that sexism does not equal Man against Woman.
This blog focuses on Misandry: The hatred, discimination or distrust of men and boys. Pointing out the representation of men in the media, deliberate misinformation/misrepresentation, the demonisation of men in our society and the imbalance this causes.
Rather than think of ourselves as in competition we should cater to everyone as needed.
If you think I'm being unfair to other women just know that I consider all sides of an argument, normally I prefer to be the fence. But for the purposes of this blog I have taken a side so apologies if this offends you.
I answer all asks privately unless otherwise requested or anonymous.


The least that men can do is that every man of fighting age should prepare himself to redeem his word to women, and to make ready to do his best, to save the mothers, the wives and daughters of Great Britain from outrage too horrible even to think of.

Emmeline Pankhurst

Most of the soldiers did not have the vote.

This is what I mean when I say that women were not hated, they made men die for them. Made the war about them. Yet still believed they were the ones who suffered rather than the millions who died in order to protect them.

Sadly, little has changed in that regard.

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    "you would not tell with such high zest, To children desperate for some ardent glory, The old lie, Dulce et Decorum Est,...
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    Which is especially odd, considering how many of ‘em go on about “coercive rape”. Bonus round: The Suffragates/White...
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    In addition, why is there an insistence on the chivalric code for all men, when the code only applied to men of a...
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    I find it amazing how feminists try to convince us that these women were oppressed and had absolutely no rights or any...
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