Female, anti feminist, egalitarian.
I'm against sexism of all kinds but there are plenty of blogs whose sole focus is on women but very few even recognise that sexism does not equal Man against Woman.
This blog focuses on Misandry: The hatred, discimination or distrust of men and boys. Pointing out the representation of men in the media, deliberate misinformation/misrepresentation, the demonisation of men in our society and the imbalance this causes.
Rather than think of ourselves as in competition we should cater to everyone as needed.
If you think I'm being unfair to other women just know that I consider all sides of an argument, normally I prefer to be the fence. But for the purposes of this blog I have taken a side so apologies if this offends you.
I answer all asks privately unless otherwise requested or anonymous.


We bring our children up to assume that they will one day be rapists and wife beaters, treating them like criminals before they even know about the crimes.

Men have to assume they are going to be suspected of a crime if they even look at a child, men will avoid going anywhere with their own children. The father of a friend of mine refused to be alone with his own grandchildren because he was afraid of what people would think. Children need male role models as well as female ones yet men are increasingly avoiding any profession that involves children. Children are brought up to be suspicious of men and trusting of women even though child abuse is not unique to men.

With this sort of conditioning I wouldn’t be surprised if the lifespan of men decreased dramatically by the next decade.

These advertisements and articles do nothing but demonise men, not only turning society against them but turning them against themselves and each other. Do you ever see a single article saying that women are more likely to do something abhorrent? If you do of one I bet it’s not rape, child abuse or domestic violence.

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