Female, anti feminist, egalitarian.
I'm against sexism of all kinds but there are plenty of blogs whose sole focus is on women but very few even recognise that sexism does not equal Man against Woman.
This blog focuses on Misandry: The hatred, discimination or distrust of men and boys. Pointing out the representation of men in the media, deliberate misinformation/misrepresentation, the demonisation of men in our society and the imbalance this causes.
Rather than think of ourselves as in competition we should cater to everyone as needed.
If you think I'm being unfair to other women just know that I consider all sides of an argument, normally I prefer to be the fence. But for the purposes of this blog I have taken a side so apologies if this offends you.
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Anonymous asked
i'm afraid i have another rant to do with bookface. i suppose you've read or seen the article about britian's youngest parents 12 and 13 with the grandmother being 27? well, i shared it on fb and a bunch of girls are sharing it blaming the men of this world and i just...i dno...why do these people turn everything into hate towards men? :(

As soon as I saw that front page posted in a shop window I immediately wondered how long it would take for people to blame men in general. Maybe they’ll come up with some bullshit law that only males are required to abide by, even when raped or something.

Just never ends does it.

Review of ‘The Guy’s Guide to Feminism’ - Victor Zen

The book paints every issue men have as misogyny, treats men like the stereotype feminists usually use and it’s full of the usual feminist “logic”.

Yep, looks like an accurate guide to feminism.

Anonymous asked
I'm reading back over some posts on this blog and something stood out to me. Why is it whenever someone is advocating against mistreatment of men, they have to justify it with how it affects women? That tweet from Zellieimani, for example. It's kind of unnerving that the only way to get people to listen, or for them to not consider you a misogynist, is to justify that it's a good thing for women too.

It’s very annoying and I cringe whenever I have to resort to that. As though recognising men as human is just unconscionable. Otherwise the only response is “male tears” or some bollocks.

Anonymous asked
I'm a girl who hates being touched, and one thing I've noticed is that men and boys, 99% of the time, don't even need to be told to respect my boundaries, and if they do they only need to be told once. Women and girls, on the other hand, think it's okay to hug me/touch me/etc. after only a conversation or two and constantly need to be reminded that I'm uncomfortable with people touching me. I think it's a bit hypocritical of feminists to say that males have no sense of personal space.

Mother never got the message that I hated being touched, she’d be really forceful with hugs and hair stroking and kisses and it made my skin crawl, she’d only do it even more forcefully as though as though I was just shy.

There was one girl who came up to me and kissed me rather passionately, there were a lot of women who’d hug on a first meeting and they never got the message.

Maybe it’s that males are told their whole lives to respect boundaries and we’ve just got so used to it that when any man doesn’t it’s met with extreme overreaction. As well as the “men are rapists/women are innocent” message.

It could also be that women with no sense of boundaries raises a son who observes and picks it up. There should be no gender divide when it comes to that.

Anonymous asked
Holy shit that subincision. That's actually becoming popular? Do you know why?

I have no idea, but apparently the “wave like” motion during sex feels good for women. But ejaculation and urination can be messy as they usually slice through the urethra.

The vulnerability of external genitalia is often ridiculed, women cutting off men’s penises being oh so hilarious, I always found that attitude particularly… cruel.

Anonymous asked
It always makes me laugh when they say things like '50% of women will be physically assaulted at some point in their life'. I'm like, so? 99% of men will be 'assaulted' by the time they're 12.

I know, have they never seen a school?

i love this! an equal men and women rape campaign.

That makes a nice change.
I can’t see most of the text but someone said it was a joke?

i love this! an equal men and women rape campaign.

That makes a nice change.


I can’t see most of the text but someone said it was a joke?

Honey Badger Radio Lions, Bears and College Men Oh My - HoneyBadgerRadio

They have Jonathan Taylor from A Voice For Male Students with them.

In a school in the US, parents funded and built new, taller seating for a baseball court in a school because they couldn’t see through the fence. Rather than ask them to raise funds for a girls softball team to have the same (despite not having a visibility issue, just out of jealousy), someone reported them to the department of education because the boys seating was better than the girls (funny how often the reverse when funded intentionally and specifically by said government department, is never even considered when reasonable complaints are made since it’s government not private donation. In fact I’m pretty sure if the girls had the same problem they’d have had top notch replacements while the boys get nothing, and their complaints of discrimination are continually dismissed. Because the parents paid for more suitable seating which was better than what the parents for the girls softball team had, that meant the boys had something better than the girls and so they ordered them to tear it down. One of the parents even said that he couldn’t believe they’re tearing something down rather than building something, they weren’t even notified or given the chance to fund seating to appease the girls, which they were willing to do.

Title IX seems to be used only to deprive boys of things they have rather than give those things to girls as there aren’t usually enough girls, so it’s a very mean spirited “if I can’t have it neither can you, if yours is better than mine, you can’t have it any more”. The law nowadays seems to be determined to turn all women into selfish bullies.

Feminists are in outrage over the preponderance of the evidence standard (a civil standard which replaced “clear and convincing” which replaced “beyond reasonable doubt”). You’ll never guess what their grievance is.

They say that the preponderance of the evidence standard (50% sure)… is too high to ensure the safety of women. How low do they bloody want it? “some evidence”? “A hint of a suggestion of a possibility of a perhaps kind of maybe ish? Sort of?” They already have a proposition for a bill which will require the accused to prove ongoing enthusiastic consent throughout (even if the woman just turns him over and mounts him without a word, that’s him raping her). It is quite literally guilty until proven innocent with no way to prove innocence.

What if the accuser is deaf and dumb or otherwise can’t speak? She can’t verbally consent by default.

The idea that college men are invulnerable and are only ever perpetrators can get them killed, they are in more danger and yet are taught only to be aware of how women feel around them. Vetting women before embarking on a relationship or even just confronting them about cheating on them is apparently “slut shaming”.

If women are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny. If men are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny.

When a woman is abused or killed, it’s misogyny no matter what the reasons. When men are killed 5 times more often, commit suicide at 5 times the rate that women do and are mocked and discouraged from asking for help, that’s also misogyny because men are seen as strong.

Men killing themselves, being murdered, being homeless and even raped many times more than women is a women’s problem because they feel that it’s putting women down. Men’s lives are of so little value to society that they seriously see the abuse and killing of many times more men as an insult to women.

What is really very interesting is when you talk about the issues of men’s suicide, murders and rapes and society’s complete apathy and vicious contempt for these unworthy victims, feminists will mock and shame men with comments like “man feels”, “fee-fees”, “male tears” and “what about the menz”. All the while crying about another woman calling them a nasty name and that men are somehow to blame for it.

So much bloody projection everywhere.


I want to see exactly how many “social justice activists” here on tumblr actually admit that this girl is in the wrong.

This girl mercilessly punches and kicks this boy’s head. All the while, he’s asking nicely for her to stop, saying he just wants to get off the bus and go home. When he finally has enough of her bullshit, he restrains her and her brother suddenly wants to jump into the situation. Finally the boy, who lets remember IS the victim (I’ll repeat that, THE BOY, LETS REMEMBER, IS THE VICTIM) asks his aggressor if she’s okay. After getting beaten on, he asks her if she’s okay. Just let that sink in.

Go ahead, tumblr. Amaze me with your comments.

Brief History of Feminism - AlyssMajere

Oh how little has changed.

And all they needed for the vote was enough of them to agree, they didn’t have to die for it.

And lets not forget that the suffragettes started the white feather campaign, shaming voteless men into enlisting, even under age boys in some cases. For an oppressed people they sure felt entitled to send their “oppressors” to their deaths. They even issued badges to discharged soldiers to protect them from the slanderous shaming from feminists.

They twisted Erin Pizzey’s refuge, banning all males over 12 from any involvement or protections. Eventually police ignored all research showing male victims.

They were also responsible for prohibition.

The Patriarchy reigns victorious - Sargon of Akkad

There was recently a response to this, women eating on trains, the same feminists who post pictures of men on trains are calling it creepy and oppressive. In the face of a spectacular example of their hypocrisy and double standards they still find a way to make them both about oppressing women.

There must be a word for this, falsely attributing opposites to the same thing. Like women being raped is misogyny because all men feel entitled to women’s bodies and men being ridiculed and getting no justice or even being pushed to suicide from people’s cruelty and apathy is also misogyny because women might be offended by it. The worst things to happen to men are misogyny because women are seen as weak or something. And they cannot see how selfish and sociopathic that makes them look.

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting more regularly within the next day or so and actually post that Honey Badger Radio episode that’s been sitting in my drafts all week. Thanks to not getting an important letter I’ve not been paid for a month and won’t for another 3 months as punishment for not responding to something I didn’t get but apparently I should have just known psychically and now I suppose I have to just magically conjure food and bill money out of nowhere as well. Bah.

I’ll live. Luckily the shelter I used to work at has reopened so I can go back to work. Or maybe transfer to regular army so it’s full time. In the meantime, CAB, because that is some ridiculous overkill.

Gloria Steinem’s mental health problems - Sargon of Akkad

It’s amazing how they are so adept at making everything about them. And how pleased they look when talking about how oppressive and cruel it apparently is to be women. They really are only happy when they’re miserable.

I like the explanation over the “reproductive rights” issue, ignoring the fact that men have none, I’ve never considered the unfair restrictions to access as hatred and controlling women’s bodies. That seems to me an incredibly self centred way of looking at it. Even some MRAs and anti-feminists on here think it’s about hatred and control of women when it’s always been the poorer people who breed more and make cheap labour (but those encouraging this never think or care about the consequences). It may seem strange but personally I don’t think there has ever been anything like that in place purely out of hatred and tyranny towards specifically women because they’re women, looking into it beyond gender would show them that. What does seem to be happening is that people see it that way then respond in kind.

It’s like a car driving past accidentally kicks up a stone which hits a woman, so she throws a rock at the man walking behind her. It seems like exactly that kind of depressing misunderstanding.